Brainwave entrainment signifies the brain’s electrical reaction to extended as well as rhythmic sensory stimulation, for example pulses associated with sound or perhaps light, which leads to the actual synchronization of the brainwaves to the external stimulating elements. Its for these reasons it is additionally occasionally referred to as brainwave synchronization. Each and every state of mind features a distinctive electrical signature that should be recognized within the brain. These kinds of signatures are referred to as “brainwaves.”Brainwaves may be measured as well as documented by means of specialized apparatus – for example an EEG machine. That enables us to chart precisely what brainwaves can be found in the course of particular important states of mind. For instance, we understand the precise brainwave patterns that exist whenever we’re relaxed. or perhaps focused. or even sleeping. Simply by using a procedure referred to as brainwave entrainment – that involves playing specially-created audio sounds directly into each ear – you can easily have an effect on these kinds of brainwaves

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Typically speaking, Brainwave Entrainment is a procedure in which the brain synchronizes to and also resonates with outside stimulating elements. Whenever a brain is provided one particular stimulus, say for example a pulse of sound, it reacts by giving off a corresponding electrical discharge. This particular matching electrical release is known as the cortical evoked response. This unique electrical activity within the brain may be evaluated simply by using a device known as an electroencephalograph (EEG) and sensitive electrodes connected to the scalp. As soon as the brain is given some sort of rhythmic stimulation, e.g. drum beats, the particular rhythm is actually duplicated within the brain in the form of these kinds of electrical impulses. As soon as the rhythm becomes quick along with consistent a sufficient amount, our brain electrical impulses begin to synchronize together with the rhythm. This is what’s called the Frequency Following Response (FFR).

10 things you ought to know about brainwave Entrainment:

1. It is a straightforward but highly effective self-development tool. If you are searching for a product that will allow you to improve almost any part of your life, in that case brainwave entrainment is possibly the solution to your  prayers

2. The most significant benefits associated with meditation such as enhanced mind power, elevated levels of energy, less anxiety could be achieved by making use of brainwave entrainment-yet without the requirement of countless years of training

3. Our brains function at ranges considerably below the most effective rate of overall performance, by means of brainwave entrainment our minds could very well be trained as well as molded to function at a superior efficiency level. Working with entrainment our brains can easily be made a lot more efficient and engineered for achievement

4. Brainwave Entrainment will allow you to benefit from a lot more joy and happiness, enhance your mental capability, boost your self-confidence, become a lot more magnetic, take pleasure in positive flow of life and also be very charismatic

5. Brainwave inadequacies can bring about depressive disorders, sleeping disorders, sickness, inadequate focus and in many cases accelerated aging. Brainwave entrainment is extremely simple, simply by tapping our brains we are able to become happier, much healthier as well as improve our own capabilities

6. The subconscious mind, the actual power center of your being may be influenced in addition to re-conditioned by making use of natural capabilities of the brain to create wavelengths and condition the mind so that the subconscious might be more prone to positive affirmations

7. Any affirmation or even habit needs to be repeated numerous times for it to reach the subconscious mind, however through the use of brainwave entrainment the subconscious could very well be influenced directly

8. Brainwave Entrainment doesn’t require virtually any training whatsoever. Self-hypnosis is really a challenging thing to learn for an normal person. Brainwave entrainment focuses on distinct issues as opposed to hypnosis which usually offers a broad solution

9. Binaural Beats and Isochronic Tones are the two methods to modify the brainwaves. With binaural beats, a somewhat different tone is introduced into each ear. The particular tones subsequently mix together within the brain to create a pulse or “beat”. The pulse noticed by the listener is in fact the difference between the two tones. Isochronic tones are really a fairly less well recognized type of entrainment; nevertheless, they have been shown to be considerably more effective. Isochronic entrainment works with a individual tone which is manually spaced, turning on and off in a distinct sequence..

10. A large amount of real scientific studies have already been put into the particular study of brainwave entrainment, what exactly it is, the way it works and just what one can possibly use it for. The vast majority of evidences reveal that it truly does work and works fantastically


You do not need months or years of training to be able to meditate. With modern brainwave entrainment technology you will be able to meditate in a matter of minutes.


When you use a brainwave meditation audio, you are relying on one of today’s coolest technologies to gently shift your mind into mindful meditation to relieve stress or anxiety.

The reason it is such a good meditation for beginners is simply because you don’t have to do anything except listen to soothing music or tones and drift off into a mindful meditation where you can focus on relaxing rather than trying to remember how to keep yourself involved in the meditative state.

HOW TO USE BRAINWAVE TECHNOLOGY: Using brainwave meditations is very simple.

STEP ONE: Find a good collection of brainwave meditation audios that are simply just brainwave technology without any affirmations.

STEP TWO: Listen to the brainwave meditation audio using stereo headphones. This is important because this technology depends on transmitting different frequencies into each ear so the brain synchronizes to the appropriate Alpha, Theta or Delta frequency. [There's also a lot of new information about Gamma, but any of the three basic frequencies - Alpha, Theta or Delta - are a great choice for meditation for beginners.]

STEP THREE: Give yourself around 20-30 minutes to enjoy the meditation. While your brain is usually put into the appropriate frequency quickly, listening to the brainwave meditation for 20-30 minutes gives you lasting results.

SUMMARY: Using today’s technology of brainwave meditations makes meditation for beginners a snap. Instead of spending time learning to meditate, you can sp end time finding just the right meditation pillow, meditation cushion or other meditation accessory to make your meditation time comfortable and cozy!

Brainwave entrainment is not only a fascinating subject, it’s even more interesting in the application of it!

You perhaps know all about the phenomenon of synchronization, or matching, if you will. The universe has this amazing ability to match. Harmony is every where, from flowers to music to human bodies.

It’s this amazing phenomenon of synchronization that makes brain entrainment not only possible, but an untapped miracle with epic potentials!

Brain entrainment is the manipulation of your brain waves to induce a predetermined emotion or state of mind.

Before you get all weird and uncomfortable by that last sentence, stop for a minute and read my next paragraph.

We are constantly being manipulated, sometimes at will, and sometimes not. Television is the perfect example of manipulation. We are mesmerized and compelled to buy Coke after watching commercials. Companies dedicate billions of dollars to television advertising.


The act of sitting and staring at a screen that is emitting a frequency, lowers your brain frequency. It’s back to the principal of synchronizing. You match the frequency of your television. I don’t claim to know whether the inventors of television knew this or not. I would bet that it was a brilliant accident. However, the fact remains, watching TV lowers your brain frequency.

What does that mean?

It simply means that you are in harmony, matching, your television. You are in repoire. You are in sync.

Advertising works, right?

Well, in a way. When you start operating on the same frequency as your TV, the natural tendency is to accept and match what you see. Much like when you are with a group of friends and they observe that they like something. Most of us naturally will tend to agree with our friends. If you see a commercial after watching TV for one minute, the advertising is less affective than if you’ve been watching the screen for 30 minutes.

So, you are being controlled by your television. Sounds like ‘The Twilight Zone,’ right? In a way, yes. But the reality is that we are being altered by our surroundings every minute of our lives.

So, why not do it on purpose?

Brainwave entrainment allows you just that option. Alter your state of mind, your state of feelings, to what YOU want, instead of what the advertiser wants!

Now, let’s go over some of the basic frequencies that you brain is accessing everyday.

Beta – This frequency is accessed when you are wide awake and alert. While you would think that we all equally access this frequency, the opposite is true. Depression and insomnia are  a
result of too little time spent on this frequency. By increasing the Beta frequency, you can increase your emotional stability and over all level of concentration.

Alpha – This frequency is most commonly entered upon awaking in the mornings and when you lie down at night, right before you go to sleep. It’s a receptive state of mind, relaxed, open and

Theta – This is the frequency that you enter when you go to sleep. It’s a light sleep, in fact, it’s also a very relaxed state of mind. Often, the state of mind that you access when
watching TV!!

Delta – This is the slowest of all brain wave frequencies. This frequency is your deepest, dreamless sleep state. This is the most unaware state of mind, allowing you the most refreshing sleep and the most renewing state.

Of the four above frequencies, there are variations. The frequencies range from a high 38hz in the Beta state to a 0.2 in the Delta state. As you can imagine, there are levels of frequencies that are better for reading, studying, skiing, surfing and relaxing.

Which sate of mind do you want?

Brain entrainment allows you to decide which frequency to access. Thus, you can cause a relaxed state of mind at will. You can be alert at school by setting your frequency at the right level. You can go to sleep on time and wake up refreshed and truly alert.

So go ahead. Give brainwave entrainment a try. You really have nothing to loose and an entire world of possibility to gain if you allow it to work in your life!

Before I delve into the how’s and why’s of brainwave entrainment, there are a few things that I’d like to bring to your attention first, especially for all of you skeptics out there that might be reading this article.

First of all, it is a well documented fact that music can alter our mood and our state of mind. Even our beliefs can be altered by the music that we listen to. Part of what creates this powerful shift in our emotional state is the beat, or rhythm, of the music.

In tribal communities ranging from Africa to North America, native cultures use drum beats to create ritualistic states of mind. These drum beats synchronize that emotional state for every member of the tribe present and are a vital part of creating the ceremonial state of mind.

In a less ritualistic environment today, the television can also alter our state of mind. The television is such a powerful, mind altering device that some people even rely on it to help them fall asleep every night.

In all of the above mentioned cases, the brain waves were altered through the method that we are now calling today brainwave entrainment. It isn’t a new, wishy washy pseudo science.

Brainwave entrainment is based off of solid research that proves that a persons mental state is determined by an internal rhythm. This internal rhythm has been being altered since the beginning of time. With new understanding of how this works, brainwave entrainment allows you to alter your frame of mind at will, instead of at random.

In order to help understand how this works, it’s important to remember that the human brain is one giant, electric circuit board. This circuit board works and reacts to electric stimulation, with both auditory and visual being the most powerful, in general.

The brain’s response can be measured by the use of electrodes that can register the neural responses.

What is truly remarkable about measuring the brain’s response to stimulation is that the brain is alive, unlike any other circuit board. The brain interacts and reacts to stimulation, in many ways almost like a dance. When the brain receives a consistent stimulation, the brain begins to imitate the frequency of the stimulation, creating a harmony, as it were, with the external stimuli.

Synchronization is a fact of the universe. In an experiment done by Christian Huygens with clocks, he found that by placing two clocks that were out of sync right next to each other, they would start to match each other, eventually becoming completely in sync.

Another example of synchronization is often found with humans. When two or more women live together, whether they are related or not, they will usually have menstrual cycles at the same time. Often times marriage mates will also have synchronized heart beats and breathing.

This phenomenon explains why certain types of music create a consistent emotional response in nearly all humans. It also explains mob dynamics, such as seen at concert or sports events.

I’ve just realized that there is so much information to this subject that I am running out of space and time! I haven’t even gotten down to how you can use brainwave entrainment personally!

So without further ado, here it is in a nut shell!

You can choose which frame of mind or emotional state that you want and then switch your brain frequency to that state of mind.

Think about the power of this technology.

Instead of wondering why you are hyper or unable to sleep and consentrate, now you can do something about it. There is a brain frequency that makes relaxation unavoidable. If you aren’t operating on that channel, you’ll be unable to relax. With brainwave entrainment, you can now program yourself to access this state at will.

The opposite is also true.

If you need to be sharp, yet you find yourself sluggish, your frequency is too low. With this cutting edge method, you can speed up your brain waves, and thus increase your level of alertness, within a matter of minutes.

I realize that there is much more left for me to explain. There are many more details that I want to share with you! Keep an eye out for my next article!